Munro Compleation

The Scottish Mountaineering Club (SMC) maintain a list of people who've compleated the Munros, dating back to the first Munroist: Rev. A.E. Robertson in 1901. The SMC has popularised the use of the archaic spelling compleation.

On compleation, I notified The Clerk of The List, and was sent a Compleation Certificate (see picture below) with my own unique Munroist number: 5314. I also submitted a compleation photo to the "Photographic Hall of Fame" on the SMC's website, click here to view the picture.

Compleat Munroists can obtain a tie and brooch which, with the approval of the Court of the Lord Lyon, incorporate features from the Arms of Sir Hugh Munro. These are a red stylised heraldic eagle's head encircled by branches of laurel and oak, subscribed with the numeral 3000. The tie and brooch are shown in the picture below.

I also joined the The Munro Society, membership of which is open to those who've compleated the Munros. The Society exists to: "bring together the wealth of mountain experience that members have accumulated and thus provide a forum in which to share interests and concerns as well as creating opportunities for convivial gatherings".